The Council will continue to guard interests of business

19 January 2017 - Karaganda Region

Out of the 37 issues considered by the Council for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs in 2016, 13 were decided positively

The professional community of accountants appeared in Karaganda

17 January 2017 - Karaganda Region

Accountants of the whole region can take part in the meetings of the Club of accountants 

Customs will return VAT
11 January 2017 - Karaganda Region
The tax authority will return the company "Izoplyus Central Asia"...
The best products of the region are demonstrated in Astana
24 November 2016 - Karaganda Region
Perhaps in the near future in Kazakhstan saumal - dry...
Employment of graduates – is not a problem of colleges
11 November 2016 - Karaganda Region
Colleges should not be responsible for the employment of its...
Relocation of business to new conditions
10 November 2016 - Karaganda Region
Entrepreneurs from the demolished villages will get help with building...
The Chamber of Entrepreneurs and the prosecutor's office - double protection
03 November 2016 - Karaganda Region
Almost 80% of cases examined by the Regional Council for...
Silk prospects
01 November 2016 - Karaganda Region
Thirteen investors from the People's Republic of China arrived to...
For best business - foreign training
18 October 2016 - Karaganda Region
Soon, local entrepreneurs will go to foreign countries for the...
Orders are required. Large and state
18 October 2016 - Karaganda Region
Six Karaganda garment factories are ready to supply quality equipment...
Compass in the business world - Map of Regional Development
28 September 2016 - Karaganda Region
Seven projects of Karaganda region are ready for presentation to...
State bodies enhance the pressure on business
19 September 2016 - Karaganda Region
Despite the fact that the Government is taking measures to...
There is a state program for each business initiative
14 September 2016 - Karaganda Region
Entrepreneurs of Abay district received more than 50 million tenge...
Only the original from the producers themselves
09 September 2016 - Karaganda Region
An individual entity from Balkhash has signed a contract with...